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I seem to always find myself reading, watching and listening to the latest on health and wellness. It fascinates me to see the progress made to improve your overall quality of life through movement, care and nutrition. As a competitive athlete, a complete holistic approach, that includes treatment from our doctors, has done wonders for my body’s performance and kept me moving properly to avoid injury. When working with our patients my priority is for them to understand that the goal of our entire staff is to get them to their optimal state of health. Focus on Health is the perfect place to grow in wellness and implement the best practices into your life to keep you feeling your best.

For the past 5 years I have been juggling the roles of high school teacher, nutrition coach and athletic trainer. In that time my focus led me to learning more about movement and health which put me on a path to pursue that discipline as my main focus. Outside of any athletic pursuits and continuing to learn, I enjoy spending my time outdoors with my family. I have lived on a family owned Horse Rehab and Training Ranch for the past 4 years and spend a lot of my time relaxing with my family while enjoying the horses and the peaceful setting. I am ecstatic about the opportunity to work on bringing healthy movement to the clients at Focus on Health.