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I just graduated from Mizzou in May with a Bachelor Degree in Health Science and I became interested in chiropractic care as a career in the last year. I always wanted to pursue a career in the health field but couldn't find something that I thought was the right fit. When someone mentioned chiropractic medicine to me, I looked into it and instantly knew it would be a great career for me. I'm really passionate about living a healthy and fit lifestyle and I love connecting with and getting to know the people around me so this was perfect! I started shadowing chiropractors around the area and got an internship for the spring semester here at Focus on Health. Krista, Curt, and the rest of the team really helped me learn more about what it looks like to work in a chiropractic office. After my internship, they offered me a job at their front desk so I could get more experience being around chiropractic care. Then in September, I will be moving to Chesterfield to continue my education at Logan College of Chiropractic. I can't wait to get started and I am so lucky to have this opportunity to work with some great chiropractors!