Movement Rx aims to bridge the gap between rehab and performance.  For some, Movement Rx may very well cater to your fitness needs, and provide you with a "gym home." For others, our intentions are to get you to move efficiently, competently, and confidently so you can return to your gym, sport, or activity.  Our Rehab Specialists utilize the Functional Movement Screen to assess your movement characteristics and develop an individualized training program to exceed your fitness goals. All of our small group classes are physician directed to ensure a safe and effective training program.  The classes are offered on an A' la carte basis, as a package, or as a monthly membership. Your first session will include a Functional Movement Screen and a consult with our Rehab Specialists to establish your goals. Your training program will consist of 30 minute classes catering to 7 foundational movement patterns (hinge, squat, lunge, push, pull, carry, core). Periodic reevaluations will be performed to measure your progress. Research suggests that movement based fitness programs are the most influential component of a healthy lifestyle: let Movement Rx take you to the next level!