What’s with the gym inside the clinic?

After our renovation nearly 2 years ago, many of our patients (and our team) were happy to put aside the noise associated with construction. But the facelift has promoted new noises from our updated space: these noises however are the sounds of personal progress that our patients have been making in the Movement Lab. 


The Movement Lab offers our patients and our community the opportunity to workout in a safe and supportive environment. Once cleared from our physicians, patients have the opportunity to test their potential after recovering from an acute or chronic injury. Our Movement Specialists are trained in Functional Movement Screen and are Certified Functional Strength Coaches.

The Movement Lab

The Movement Lab

The original idea was to create a “return to play” strategy for all of our patients during their active care. We want to treat everyone as though they are an athlete: regardless of their goals, we want to get our patients back to what they enjoy safely, and with the confidence that their injury won’t return.

But it has morphed into so much more: we have Crossfit athletes working on mobility and stability, we have endurance athletes working on strength, and we have people actively engaged in a fitness program for the first time in their lives!!!

The Movement Lab has far exceeded our expectations, and now we are able to exceed our patients’ expectations!!!

Are you putting off a fitness program due to pain? Are you currently working through pain in a current program? Or are you just afraid to start a fitness program because you don’t know where to start? Come to the Movement Lab at Focus On Health and see why we are different than any other gym and chiropractic office in the area!!!

- Dr. Curt Kippenberger

Curt Kippenberger